A few months ago, at the end of Rain City’s Monday morning check-in, Fred asked our office, “Does anyone know our mission statement?”

Most of the office had a vague idea (and the marketing department wasn’t allowed to answer). After some close guesses, Fred went over to the white board and wrote it down:

Real and lasting mutual success.

“I want us to think about what that means,” he said and began talking about who we are as a company and where we’re going.

Real and lasting mutual success. Now, some might think the success part of our mission statement is most important. But how is that different from every other company out there?

We all want to be successful, no matter what we’re trying to do.

What makes Rain City different from other companies is the phrase: real and lasting.

Not only do we want to succeed, we want you to succeed. “Your success is our success,” is how we put it in our recent video—and here’s the thing: we mean it. We’ll never fund a deal we don’t believe in. So if something isn’t working in your deal, our team will be up front with you, identify the problem, and work with you on solutions.

Real and lasting mutual success is why we’re doing our $100 Mission: because successful investors don’t exist in a vacuum. When we invest in the community, we improve the community, which makes a lasting impact for everyone. It’s a reciprocal process.

Real and lasting mutual success is why we’ve had only six borrower foreclosures in over eight years of business and 3,500 loans originated. It’s why 75% of our loans are from repeat customers who were happy with their deals. It’s why we’ve been one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s and Inc 5000’s fastest growing companies for the last two years.

Also, it’s why we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your deal succeeds. Our executive team carefully vets every prospective employee and only hires people who are humble, hard-working, and honest. It’s why we were voted one of the Best Places to Work in Washington.

Because that’s who Rain City Capital is and that’s what we believe.

Real and lasting mutual success.

Let’s go out and make it happen.