Due to its proximity to national and international travel hubs, Washington state has a human-trafficking problem, with 163 cases reported in 2017. In King County alone, police estimate up to 500 youth are being exploited for sex work every day.

Rain City Capital is humbled and honored to announce our $100 Mission partnership with Escape to Peace.

Escape to Peace helps victims of sex trafficking through education, therapy, prevention, and protection. The organization was founded by Carol Loya, a local resident and owner of Truce Spa, after she witnessed the evils of the sex trade during a 2012 mission to Pattaya, Thailand.

Escape to Peace provides those seeking to escape human trafficking with the Escape Space in Bellevue, a safe place where they can begin the healing process, receive trauma therapy, and learn life skills and a trade.

Rain City Capital is proud to donate $18,000 from our 4th Quarter of 2017 to Escape to Peace. Each loan meant $100 to help women, men, and children escape the cycle of abuse and rebuild their lives. We can’t thank our borrowers enough for this one.

If you’d like to volunteer or learn more about Escape to Peace, please see their website, buy a candle or donate here, or follow them on Facebook.