At Rain City Capital, we believe it’s important to feed the mind as well as the body. For growing young children, constant access to books is critical. Third grade reading competency is one of the best predictors of future educational success and at the other end of the spectrum, functional illiteracy is the #1 commonality in America’s prison population. Yet for impoverished families struggling to meet their basic needs, it’s hard to acquire books for children.

Which is why we’re proud to announce our next $100 Mission partner: Chapter 2 Chapter.

Started in 2017 by retired Bellevue Police Detective Michael Chiu and his two daughters, Chapter 2 Chapter works to make sure children from impoverished families have access to books at all grade levels.

After receiving donations of books from online distributors, Chapter 2 Chapter volunteers sort these books by grade level and quality. Then they work with local community partners such as libraries, school districts, homeless and domestic violence shelters, and food banks to help make sure these books are given to children and families. To date, they’ve partnered with 49 different local organizations in several counties across Washington state to deliver over 20,000 books to children who need them.

Rain City Capital is proud to donate $18,100 to Chapter 2 Chapter.

That’s 181 loans from our borrowers! Thank you for helping provide books to children in need!

Along with sorting books by theme and age, they also try to make sure to give Native American-themed books to their tribal partners, Afro-centric books to the Somali community, Spanish bilingual books to Latinx communities, and healthy male role modelling and positive self-esteem books to domestic violence programs and shelters.

Chapter 2 Chapter’s long-term goals are to create literacy programs for children, and apply their principles to adult literacy and GED programs in the prison population to reduce recidivism rates.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chapter 2 Chapter, check out their website, volunteer, or donate! If you’re interested in learning more about our $100 Mission, check out our origin story!