Team sports can be great for children. Not only do they help build physical fitness, they teach life skills like discipline, focus, and hard work. They teach how to be part of a team. And for kids whose home lives are less than ideal, that team can become a second family of sorts.

Even the best team sports–such as baseball–require fees, have equipment costs, and transportation needs, which can be a barrier for young athletes from impoverished families. At Rain City Capital, we believe it’s important to be part of a team.

Which is why we’re proud to announce our final $100 Mission partner for 2018: Baseball Beyond Borders

Baseball Beyond Borders works to provide access and opportunity for youth from urban communities throughout the Seattle area to learn baseball fundamentals–and through the sport, acquire critical life skills and make lasting friendships.

The organization was founded by Bookie Gates in 2007. As a youth growing up in Seattle’s Central District, Bookie played ball at Garfield Playfield and was fortunate enough to take his talents from selects programs to collegiate ball and eventually becoming drafted by a Major League team.

While Baseball Beyond Borders assists urban youth by helping with team fees, equipment costs, and transportation, through their partnership with Moving Beyond 12 (MB12), they also provide student athletes with mentorship and life-learning skills to prepare them for college and adulthood.

Rain City Capital is proud to donate $19,100 to Baseball Beyond Borders.

That’s 191 loans from our borrowers! Thank you all for helping us make this donation happen!

Baseball Beyond Borders also works to develop networks of leaders and coaches throughout the community by instilling in them baseball fundamentals. In addition to baseball, and now softball, they offer a volleyball program (Volleyball Beyond Borders) to help children throughout Seattle play and develop their volleyball skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about Baseball Beyond Borders, check out their website and watch their video! You can donate or even attend a game! If you’re interested in learning more about our $100 Mission, check out our origin story!