At Rain City Capital we’re always looking for ways to grow and evolve. When we see an opportunity, we make it happen. So we’re very excited to announce our acquisition of the hard money lender Magnolia Capital Partners!

In January 2018, Rain City partnered with Magnolia to introduce them to the local market. As of May 1st, Magnolia Capital Partners will become a subsidiary of Rain City Capital.

Since opening in 2018, Magnolia Capital Partners has originated 200+ loans for over $75 million.

Rain City founder Fred Rea says, “We wanted to have the best of both worlds: being able to close in a day or offer an extremely competitive rates. By joining the two companies, we have the ability to offer both with the same staff and underwriting team.”

To learn more or find out if you qualify for one of our Magnolia Capital Partner loans, get in touch today!

Our team joining forces at the 2019 PNW Badass Real Estate Expo