Sometimes folks have a run of bad luck. As Elisha Alcantara, who you’re about to meet, likes to say, “We are all one tragedy away from being homeless and a homeless person is one hand up from being a success.”

Rain City Capital is proud to announce its newest $100 Mission partner: the Encompass Life Foundation.

Based in Portland, OR, the Encompass Life Foundation was founded by Elisha in 2018. Now a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, Elisha experienced housing instability in her youth and wanted to put single parents and their families in a position of empowerment.

The Encompass Life Foundation’s mission is to provide children, women, and single parents with empowering opportunities, to be accomplished by scholarships, mentorships, and financial opportunities with a goal of fostering others to build their own legacy.

In 2018, the Encompass Life Foundation partnered with iHeartMedia and OneApp Oregon to shine a light on homelessness. Their “Operation ELF” campaign stressed the importance of educating the public that homelessness is not just the stereotypical “living under a bridge” scenario; homelessness affects our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. In addition, Operation ELF took a look at the “face” of homelessness and surprised three local homeless families just in time for the holidays. Check out their wonderful documentary here. 

This year, the Foundation plans on continuing the Operation ELF campaign to help even more families. In addition, the board hopes to tackle even more of their mission by providing scholarships for students to have access to alternative educational opportunities (such as Montessori programs) so kids “outside the box” can flourish.

Rain City Capital is happy to donate $19,200 to the Encompass Life Foundation.

That’s 192 loans with our borrowers! As Elisha said, while talking about our $100 Mission partnership, “It takes so many partners to execute our mission. We are better together.”