Whether or not it’s shoes for underprivileged children, diapers for impoverished families, or shelter for lost animals, Rain City Capital’s $100 Mission likes knowing how our $100 makes a difference.

Which is why we’re very excited to talk about our first quarter partnership with Giving to Fly, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping amputees and their families attend camps, clinics, and training all over the country.

Children with limb loss can face significant psychological and physical challenges as they develop, such as bullying, feelings of isolation, and even depression. Camps and clinics dedicated to providing support and fun for these children give them the confidence, empowerment, and skills they need to become successful adults.

Founder Jenna Powell’s oldest son was born missing a major bone in his left leg, which necessitated an above-the-knee amputation when he was eleven months old.  As she and her family attended several of these amazing clinics around the country, Jenna realized that the primary obstacle preventing many amputees from attending such events was the cost of airfare. In 2014, she founded Giving to Fly, which has since gone on to pay for over ninety six flights for amputees and their families.

During our first quarter this year, Rain City raised $21,500 to benefit Giving to Fly—that’s from 215 transactions with our loyal borrowers! Thank you all for allowing us to start 2017 off right!

Rain City Capital’s contribution will help Giving to Fly create more team-building events for amputees, network with families that are going through amputation, and provide amputees with additional tools and resources to become happy, confident people. As well as continuing to cover flight costs, the organization hopes to form partnerships and make donations to other nonprofits with similar intentions and values.

To find out more about Giving to Fly, click the links below:

Giving to Fly’s website

Giving to Fly on Facebook

Donate to Giving to Fly

Contact Jenna