Rain City Capital is pretty big on paying it forward. Not only do we believe in being thankful for what we have, we believe in giving back and helping those around us.

So in an effort to give thanks and give back, we’re once again opening our contest to nominate Rain City Capital’s next $100 Mission partner.

Here are the rules: If you know of any Washington or Oregon nonprofits more than a year old who raise $200K or less annually, tell us about them by filling out this form.

If we choose the charity you nominate, you win $500!

At Rain City, we have a lot to be thankful for. From flattering articles to partnering with great causes… it’s been a pretty fine year so far.

In the office, we’re thankful to have a team full of hard working folks with a great sense of humor. We’re grateful for the Friday lunches, for company-provided fitness trainers, amazing benefits, and executive coaching. We’re grateful we all share the same values and vision for the company and our borrowers: Real and Lasting Mutual Success.

Outside of the office, we’re grateful for our families, our friends, for a roof over our heads, and food on the table. And speaking of food on the table, on Thanksgiving we’re thankful for turkey, stuffing, and pie. Of course, it’s not just the food we eat, it’s about who we share the meal with.

We’re also thankful for you, our borrowers. Without you all, we couldn’t make it happen.

So thank you, from Rain City Capital.

To learn more about our $100 Mission, follow this link.